1. Request a license key via the Ping Identity licensing website.
  2. Ensure you are logged on to your system with appropriate privileges to install and run an application.
  3. Verify that the Java runtime is installed and the required environment variables are set correctly (see Installing Java).
  4. Install PingFederate using the installer for Windows or the distribution ZIP file.
    Installation medium Steps
    PingFederate installer for Windows Download and run the PingFederate installer for Windows.

    PingFederate is configured to run as a service and started automatically at the end of the installation process.


    The PingFederate installer for Windows is designed to install only one instance of PingFederate on a Windows server. If you need additional PingFederate instances on the same Windows server, install them using the distribution ZIP file. Note that you must manually configure various port settings in the <pf_install>/pingfederate/bin/run.properties file (for each instance) to avoid any port conflicts.

    Distribution ZIP file Download and extract the distribution ZIP file into an installation directory.
  5. If you have installed PingFederate by extracting the distribution ZIP file, start PingFederate manually by running the following script:

    Wait for the script to finish—the startup process completes when this message appears near the end of the sequence:

    PingFederate running...

    To configure PingFederate to run as a service, follow the steps in Installing PingFederate service on Windows manually.


    When running PingFederate for Windows, switching the Java version from 8 to 11 (or the reverse) will prevent the service from running, and you will not be able to start PingFederate. The problem occurs because garbage collection logging configuration arguments that are used by Java 8 are incompatible with those used by Java 11.

    If you need to switch Java versions:

    1. De-register the PingFederate service by running <pf_install>\pingfederate\sbin\win-x86-64\uninstall-service.bat.
    2. Install the new Java version and update the JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables accordingly.
    3. Register the PingFederate service by running <pf_install>\pingfederate\sbin\win-x86-64\install-service.bat.

If your organization requires compliance with FIPS 140-2 or plans on managing keys and certificates using a hardware security module (HSM), see Supported hardware security modules.