An in-line editor is available for OGNL expressions. The editor validates the expression and allows an administrator to enter input values and test the resulting output.

  • To reach the OGNL editor, click Edit under Actions for an expression on any of the Attribute Fulfillment screens or click Test in the Show Advanced Criteria section on the Issuance Criteria screen.

    The test function does not work for the context.httpRequest attribute, because its value is an object rather then text.

  • To test an expression:
    1. Enter an input value in the Value text box associated with the attribute.
    2. Click the Test link near the bottom right of the screen.
      If the expression contains no errors, the result appears under Test Results.

      If you make changes to an expression and want to save it, click Update under Actions. To discard changes, click the Cancel link under Actions; clicking the Cancel button near the bottom of the screen discards all changes you made in the current task.