The Simple Username Password Credential Validator verifies credentials maintained by PingFederate.


This validator is best used for testing purposes or for an organization with few accounts.

On the Instance Configuration screen, configure per-instance settings that suit your use cases.

  1. Configure one or more user credentials.
    1. Click Add a new row to 'Users'.
    2. Enter a username, followed by a password (twice).
    3. Click Update under Action.
    4. Repeat these steps to add more user credentials as needed.

    Use the Edit, Update, and Cancel workflow to make or undo a change to an existing entry. Use the Delete and Undelete workflow to remove an existing entry or cancel the removal request.

    Use the up and down arrows to adjust the order in which you want PingFederate to attempt credential authentication. PingFederate moves sequentially through the list until credential validation succeeds. The credential validation process fails when no match is found.