As a standalone server, PingFederate must be integrated programmatically with end-user applications and identity management (IdM) systems to complete the “first- and last-mile” implementation of a federated-identity network. The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the various approaches to integrating systems and applications with PingFederate for browser-based single sign-on (SSO). To enable both the Identity Provider (IdP) and Service Provider (SP) sides of this integration, PingFederate provides commercial integration kits, which include adapters that plug into the PingFederate server and agents that interface with local IdM systems or applications.

Integration kits, including various connectors for secure SSO to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers, are available from our PingFederate Downloads website. User guides and other documentation for current integration kits can be found in the PingFederate documentation website.

PingFederate also includes a robust software development kit (SDK), which software developers can use to write their own custom interfaces for specific systems. Please refer to the PingFederate SDK Developer's Guide for more information, available in the PingFederate distribution sdk directory.

In addition, for integration with the PingFederate WS-Trust security token service (STS), we provide a range of Token Translators. These plugin token processors (for an IdP) and token generators (for an SP) connect the STS with web service providers and clients for access to identity-enabled web services.