• To define a region identifier for a given node, update the node.group.id setting value in the cluster-adaptive.conf file.
    The cluster-adaptive.conf file, located in the <pf_install>/pingfederate/server/default/conf directory, is a per-server configuration.

    After making changes to the cluster-adaptive.conf file, restart PingFederate if it is running.

    For example, if you have five engine nodes in the West Coast and six engine nodes in the East Coast, you can update the node.group.id setting value to W for the five nodes in the West Coast and E for the six nodes in the East Coast.

    Once defined, the identifiers for all nodes are displayed on the System > Cluster Management screen.

  • To configure cross-region support for individual areas, follow the inline instructions in the cluster-adaptive.conf file to update the relevant setting values.
    (As mentioned earlier, configure each node as needed and restart PingFederate to activate changes made.)