1. In your project, add a new directory called PF-INF. This directory must be at the root of your JAR file, similar to META-INF.
  2. In PF-INF, add an appropriate text file for each type of plug-in you created:
    Plug-in type File name
    IdP Adapter idp-authn-adapters
    SP Adapter sp-authn-adapters
    Custom Data Source custom-drivers
    Token Processor token-processors
    Token Generator token-generators
    Authentication Selector authentication-selectors
    Password Credential Validator password-credential-validators
    Identity Store Provisioner identity-store-provisioners
    CIBA Authenticator oob-auth-plugins
  3. In each text file added, specify the fully-qualified class name of each plug-in that implements the corresponding plug-in interface. Place each class name on a separate line.