Each navigation tab provides access to multiple menus on the left menu pane
Authentication tab menus Applications tab menus Security tab menus System tab menus
  • Integration
  • Policies
  • OAuth
  • Token Exchange
  • Integration
  • OAuth
  • Token Exchange
  • Certificate & Key Management
  • System Integration
  • Data & Credential Stores
  • Server
  • OAuth Settings
  • External Systems
  • Monitoring & Notifications
  • Protocol Metadata
Navigation tabs, menus, and menu items in alphabetical order
Tab Menu Menu item and window name
Applications Integration Adapter-to-Adapter Mappings
Policy Contract Adapter Mappings
SP Adapters
SP Connections
SP Default URLs
Target URL Mapping
OAuth Access Token Management
Access Token Mappings
CIBA Request Policies
OpenID Connect Policy Management
Token Exchange Generator Groups
Processor Policies
Token Generator Mappings
Token Generators
Token Translator Mappings
Authentication Integration Authentication API Applications
IdP Adapters
IdP Connections
IdP Default URL
OAuth CIBA Authenticators
IdP Adapter Grant Mapping
Policy Contract Grant Mapping
Resource Owner Credentials Grant Mapping
Policies Local Identity Profiles
Policy Contracts
Token Exchange STS Request Parameters
Token Processors
Security Certificate & Key Management Certificate Revocation Checking
OAuth & OpenID Connect Keys
Partner Metadata URLs
Signing & Decryption Keys & Certificates
SSL Client Keys & Certificates
SSL Server Certificates
System Keys
Trusted CAs
System Integration Incoming Proxy Settings
Redirect Validation
Service Authentication
System Data & Credential Stores Active Directory Domains/Kerberos Realms
Data Stores
Identity Store Provisioners
Password Credential Validators
External Systems CAPTCHA Settings
Connect to PingOne for Enterprise
Notification Publishers
SMS Provider Settings
Monitoring & Notifications Runtime Notifications
Runtime Reporting
OAuth Settings Authorization Server Settings
Client Registration Policies
Client Settings
Scope Management
Protocol Metadata Attribute Requester Mapping
File Signing
Metadata Export
Metadata Settings
SP Affiliations
Server Administrative Accounts
Cluster Management
Configuration Archive
Extended Properties
General Settings
License Management
Virtual Host Names