1. Go to Authentication > Integration > IdP Adapters and click the IdP adapter instance that you want to change.
  2. On the Adapter Attributes tab, configure the pseudonym and masking options.

    The Override Attributes check box in this window reflects the status of the override option in the Extended Contract tab.

    1. Select the check box under Pseudonym for the user identifier of the adapter and optionally for the other attributes, if available.
      This selection is used if any of your service provider (SP) partners use pseudonyms for account linking.

      A selection is required whether or not you use pseudonyms for account linking. This allows account linking to be used later without having to delete and reconfigure the adapter. Ensure that you choose at least one attribute that is unique for each user, such as a user's email, to prevent assigning the same pseudonym to multiple users.

    2. Select the check box under Mask Log Values for any attributes that you want PingFederate to mask their values in its logs at runtime.
    3. Select the Mask all OGNL-expression generated log values check box, if OGNL expressions might be used to map derived values into outgoing assertions and you want those values masked.