Using the administrative console, create a new or modify an existing local identity field.
  1. Go to Authentication > Policies > Local Identity Profiles.
  2. In the Fields tab, click Create New Field.
    This will open the Field Configuration window and tab.
  3. From the Type list, select an option.

    You cannot change the identifier of an existing field.

  4. Enter an ID in the ID field.
  5. Enter a name in the Label field.

    This is the field name that users see on the registration and profile management pages.

  6. Under Type, select one of the following input controls from the list.
    • Checkbox
    • Checkbox Group
    • Date
    • Dropdown
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Text
    • Hidden
  7. To configure this field to appear on the registration or profile management page, under the Applies To section, select Profile Management, or Registration check boxes, or both.

    This step is applicable only if both Enable Registration and Enable Profile Management are enabled on the Profile Info tab. Both pages are selected by default.

    If only either registration or profile management is enabled., all fields, with the exception of hidden fields, are shown on the registration or the profile management tab.

  8. Optional: Select the relevant parameters under Parameters.

    You can make a non-hidden field mandatory or read-only. You can also configure PingFederate not to record values from this field in logs.

  9. Optional: Enter a value under Default Value.

    Specifying a default value can streamline the registration process. This is the default value of the field unless another value is specified in the authentication policy. For more information, see Configuring local identity mapping.

    Default Value is not shown if you have chosen an input control of Checkbox group, Email, Phone, or Hidden, or the Read-Only parameter.

  10. Add the applicable predefined values under Options.

    This step is applicable and required only if you have chosen Checkbox Group or Dropdown as the input control.

  11. Click Done.

    The administrative console brings back the Field window, where you can configure other options and save your changes.