Resolved issues

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After a user's registration attempt fails because the data to create the account does not pass schema validation, if the user clicks Sign On, Cancel, or a third-party registration button, PingFederate no longer erroneously attempts to register the user.


Resolved an issue that prevented PingFederate from creating a datastore connection to an Oracle database instance over SSL/TLS.


If Force Change on Reset is enabled in the PingDirectory password policy, after users change their password via the PingFederate Profile Management of Local Identity Profile, they are no longer erroneously asked to change the password again.


The administrative API's /serverSettings endpoint no longer returns a 500 internal server error if the Velocity engine fails to initialize.


Resolved an issue that prevented PingFederate from resetting the password of a user with an idle-locked account on PingDirectory.


Updated jackson-databind to version


When a registration workflow is configured to execute before account creation, authentication API enabled adapters in the registration workflow no longer fail and cause the authentication widget to show users an error message or blank registration page.


When authentication sessions are enabled for the Identifier First adapter, a session will now only be registered if the overall SSO transaction succeeds.


Resolved an issue that prevented persistent sessions from loading into cache when a node group ID is specified on a cluster's engine node.