The following procedure describes how to replace a connection's credential, which requires administrative access to both applications.

  1. In PingOne:
    1. Go to Connections > Product Platform > PingFederate.
    2. On the PingFederate Connections window, open the connection's card and go to the Configuration tab.
    3. Click the pencil icon.
    4. Click + Add.
      PingOne generates a new credential, adds it to the tab, and opens a dialog box.
    5. In the dialog box, click the credential to save it to the clipboard.
    6. Close the dialog box.
    7. If you will not perform step 2 now, paste and save the credential in a text file because this is the only time you can view and copy the credential.
  2. In PingFederate:
    1. Go to System > External Systems > PingOne Connections.
    2. On the PingOne Connections window, open the connection's card.
    3. Click the pencil icon.
    4. Paste the new credential that you created in step 1 in the Credential field.
    5. Click Save.
After you replace a connection's credential, you can go to PingOne and revoke the old credential.