Authentication applications display user interfaces to collect credentials when authentication is completed through the PingFederate authentication API. The default authentication application is used for authentication sources that support the authentication API functionality and are invoked directly, rather than as part of an authentication policy.

  1. To manage authentication applications, go to Authentication > Integration > Authentication API Applications.
  2. To toggle the availability of authentication API support, select or clear the Enable Authentication API check box.

    This check box is not selected by default.

  3. To toggle the availability of the Authentication API Explorer, select or clear the Enable API Explorer check box.

    Applicable and shown if the Enable Authentication API check box is selected.

    When shown, this check box is selected by default.

  4. Under the Default Authentication Application section, perform any of the following actions.
    Default Authentication Application Select an application from the drop-down to designate as the default authentication application.
    Check Usage Click to open a pop-up window listing the configurations in which the authentication is used. Only available for the default authentication application.
    Add Authentication Application Click to add a new authentication. See Configuring authentication applications.
    Delete/Undelete Click to remove an authentication application or cancel the removal request.
  5. To save your changes, click Save.