A typical customer identity and access management (CIAM) use case only requires one local identity profile. As needed, you can create multiple profiles to suit the needs of your organization. Using the administrative console, Local identity profiles are defined in the Identity Policies section.


As of PingFederate 10.1, an authentication session is automatically created for a user after registration, preventing the user from having to log in again during the next single sign-on (SSO) transaction. This feature is enabled by default for all new and existing local identity profiles. However, if needed, you can disable it through the /localIdentity/identityProfiles administrative API endpoint by setting the createAuthnSessionAfterRegistration attribute to false.

  • To configure a new profile, go to Authentication > Policies > Local Identity Profiles. Click Create New Profile.
  • To modify an existing profile, select it by its name under Local Identity Profile Name.
  • To review the usage of an existing profile, click Check Usage under Action.
  • To remove an existing instance or to cancel the removal request, click Delete or Undelete under Action.