1. For initial steps, see Managing authentication source mappings.
  2. On the Authentication Source Mapping tab, click Map New Adapter Instance.
  3. On the Adapter Instance tab, select an adapter instance from the Adapter Instance drop-down list.
  4. Optional: If you want to customize one or more adapter settings for this connection alone, select the Override Instance Settings check box.
    Note: If you are editing a currently mapped adapter instance, you can toggle Override Instance Settings. Clearing it removes all previously overridden settings for this connection. Selecting it provides you the opportunity to customize adapter settings specifically for this connection.

    Alternatively, you can create child adapter instances of a base adapter instance (with overrides) so that customized settings can be applied to several connections. For more information, see Hierarchical plugin configurations.

    Selecting the Override instance settings box will add the Override Instance tab to the navigation bar. For more information, see Overriding an IdP adapter instance
  5. Click Next, and refer to the following topics to complete the configuration.