The following Java packages are required for implementing the TokenGenerator interface:

  • org.sourceid.saml20.adapter.sp.authn
  • org.sourceid.saml20.adapter.gui
  • org.sourceid.saml20.adapter.conf
  • org.sourceid.wstrust.model
  • org.sourceid.wstrust.plugin
  • org.sourceid.wstrust.plugin.process
  • com.pingidentity.sdk

For each token-generator implementation, in addition to the methods described under Shared plugin interfaces, you must define the SecurityToken generateToken(TokenContext attributeContext) method.

PingFederate invokes the generateToken() method when processing a security token service (STS) request to perform necessary operations for generation of a security token. The type BinarySecurityToken is available and you can use it to represent custom security tokens that can be transported as Base64-encoded data. The TokenContext contains subject data available for insertion into the generated security token.