Initial PingFederate installations

During the initial setup for a new PingFederate installation, you are prompted to upload a license file.

Depending on your licensing agreement, your license might have an expiration date. If your license key is going to expire, or has expired recently, you can import a new license file to replace the existing license key through the administrative console.

The administrative console displays a warning message ahead of the expiry of your license. Optionally, you can configure PingFederate to notify the administrators ahead of the license expiration date.

PingFederate upgrades

If you choose to upgrade PingFederate using the Upgrade Utility, your current PingFederate license is automatically copied to the target installation if it is valid. If your current license is not valid, you must obtain a new license and specify its full path and filename when performing the upgrade.

If you choose not to use the Upgrade Utility, you must specify the full path and filename of a valid license when performing the upgrade.