Account linking

Page title and template file namePurposeTypeAction
Link Your Account


Used to authenticate a user at the SP when an account link needs to be established.NormalNone
Account Unlinked

Communicates a user's successful defederation operation.Normal None

Single sign-on and logout

Page title and template file namePurposeTypeAction
Select Identity Provider


The user requested SP-initiated single sign-on (SSO), but the identity provider (IdP) partner was not specified in the appropriate query parameter or cookie. This page allows the user to select the IdP manually. Based on the user's selection, the server redirects the browser to the appropriate IdP partner's SSO service.NormalUser must make selection
Please Specify Target

Displayed when an SSO request succeeds but no target-resource parameter is specified by the incoming URL, and no default URL is set on the Applications > Integration > SP Default URLs window.ErrorConsult web developer or specify default URL
Sign On Error

Displayed when SP-initiated SSO fails, or IdP-initiated SSO fails on the SP side, and no other SSO error landing page is specified.ErrorConsult log and web developer
Sign Off Successful

Displayed when a single logout (SLO) request succeeds and no other SLO success landing page is specified.NormalNone
Sign Off Error

Displayed when an SLO request fails and no other SLO error landing page is specified.ErrorUser should close the browser


Page title and template file namePurposeTypeAction
Signed Off


Displays the user's sign-out status.NormalNone
Unable to Authenticate


Displayed when an authentication challenge fails during WS-Federation processing.ErrorConsult log and web developer