Depending on your PingFederate installation, you can upgrade by using the PingFederate installer for Windows or the Upgrade Utility, which automatically migrates existing PingFederate installations of 6.0 and later to the latest version. The Upgrade Utility is included with the software distribution.

For general information about upgrading Ping Identity products and an upgrade planning guide, see Planning your upgrade.


Before upgrading your production environment, you should upgrade your test environment and verify that the new installation meets your expectations. Also thoroughly retest the behavior of any customized components. After you complete the upgrade process, you can create a backup of your previous installation and remove it from the server.

End users might experience service disruptions as you upgrade your PingFederate environment. As needed, schedule a maintenance window to perform the upgrade.

Upgrade paths

Operating system Source version Source installation medium Possible upgrade paths

Microsoft Windows

8.x through 11.x

PingFederate installer for Windows

PingFederate installer for Windows, or PingFederate Upgrade Utility

6.x through 11.x

PingFederate product file

PingFederate Upgrade Utility


6.x through 11.x

PingFederate product distribution .zip file

PingFederate Upgrade Utility

If you are upgrading from PingFederate 5.3 or earlier, contact Support for more information.

Both the PingFederate installer for Windows and the Upgrade Utility create a new installation based on the new product distribution .zip file and then copy the relevant files and property values from the existing installation (the source) to the new installation (the target). As a result, neither tool affects the source installation.

Integration kits

Both upgrade tools also copy the program files for the deployed adapters, connectors, and token translators (the integration kits in general) from the source installation to the target installation. Although the tools do not upgrade the integration kits automatically, you can download newer versions from the Ping Identity Downloads website and upgrade the integration kits manually. For integration kit documentation, see the Ping Identity website.