The templates are located in the <pf_install>/pingfederate/server/default/conf/template directory.

As of PingFederate 11.0, the upgrade utility tool migrates your modified Velocity HTML templates to the new installation. The default templates in the new installation that correspond to the modified templates are renamed with the following format: <template_name>-default-<PF-version>.<ext>.


Supporting CSS and image file names changed as of PingFederate 7.0. For each modified HTML template copied, add .1 to the base name for each CSS file referenced in the header, such as <link rel="..." href="assets/css/window.1.css"/>.

Add .1 to any references in the copied templates to the installed image files contained in the assets/images directory, such as <img src="assets/images/green_check.1.png"/>.