When creating a new connection, the default connection status is Enabled when you reach the Activation & Summary tab.

Regardless of whether you choose to disable a new connection now or later, you must click Save on the Activation & Summary tab if you want to keep the new connection.

  • To amend your configuration, click the corresponding tab title and then follow the steps to complete the task.
  • To keep your changes, click Save.
  • To discard your changes, click Cancel.

The SSO Application Endpoint provides a sample URL at the /sp/ application endpoint that webmasters or web application developers at your site might use to invoke single sign-on (SSO) for the connection. For a list of supported parameters, see Viewing SP application endpoints.

If you have selected the No Mapping option on the Identity Mapping tab, the Summary & Activation tab does not show the SSO Application Endpoint sample URL.