The setup wizard guides you through the following steps:

  1. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Enter the base URL used for communicating with your PingFederate environment.
  3. Connect to PingOne. You can do this step later. For more information, see Creating connections to PingOne.
  4. Upload your PingFederate license.
  5. Create an administrator account.
  6. Review and finish.

The wizard appears every time you open the PingFederate administrative console until you complete your initial setup.

If you exit the wizard before completing the setup, none of your information is saved.

  1. Start the PingFederate server. For more information, see Starting and stopping PingFederate
  2. In your browser, go to https://<pf_host>:9999/pingfederate/app. The setup wizard opens.

    <pf_host> is the network address of your PingFederate server. It can be an IP address, a host name, or a fully qualified domain name. It must be reachable from your computer.

    9999 is the default value of the pf.admin.https.port property in the file.

  3. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

    Click Back to return to a previous step.

    Click X and close the browser tab to cancel your setup process.

    Click Restart to start again from the beginning.

    After you complete the setup wizard's steps, the PingFederate administrative console opens. You can continue configuring PingFederate.