An IdP adapter contract is a contract that can be used to fulfill the attribute contract passed to your service provider (SP) partners. By default, PingFederate fulfills the IdP adapter contract with attribute values from the adapter.

You can optionally configure PingFederate to fulfill the IdP adapter contract with:

  • Attribute values from local datastores
  • Dynamic text values
  • Results from OGNL expressions
  • A combination of any of these

In addition, you can verify requests using the token authorization framework.

  1. Go to Authentication > Integration > IdP Adapters
  2. Click the Instance Name of the existing IdP adapter instance you want to configure.
  3. Go to the Adapter Contract Mapping tab.

    If this is a child instance, select the Override Adapter Contract check box to modify the configuration unless you have already selected the override option on the Extended Contract tab, in which case the Override Adapter Contract check box is automatically selected for you.

  4. Click Configure Adapter Contract.
  5. On the Summary tab, click Done to save your adapter contract configurations, or click Cancel to discard them.