The order in which attribute sources are listed affects the queries differently based on the selection made on the Mapping Method tab. For more information, see Selecting an attribute mapping method.

Retrieve additional attributes from multiple data stores using one mapping
If you plan on using the result of a query as an input to a subsequent query, stack your attribute sources accordingly.
Retrieve additional attributes from a data store
As soon as a query succeeds, PingFederate moves on to the next task, contract fulfillment. Therefore you should prioritize the attribute sources.
  1. Click Add Attribute Source and then follow a series of sub tasks to complete the configuration.
  2. See Choosing a datastore for instructions on configuring and adding attribute sources.
  3. Repeat as necessary to add additional sources.

If you are editing a currently mapped adapter instance or authentication policy contract, you can add, remove, or reorder attribute sources, which might require additional configuration changes in subsequent tasks.