For prerequisites and initial steps for configuring Browser SSO protocols, see Configuring protocol settings.

This step applies only to SAML 2.0 connections when the SP-initiated SSO profile or either SLO profile is selected on the SAML Profiles tab.

  1. On the Allowable SAML Bindings tab, select the applicable SAML bindings based on your partner agreement.

    If you have specified an Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) or SLO endpoint using the artifact (outbound) binding, you must including SOAP as one of the allowable (inbound) binding.

  2. Click Next to save changes and proceed to Artifact Resolver Locations. For more information, see Specifying artifact resolver locations (SAML 2.0).

If you are editing an existing connection, you can reconfigure the allowable bindings, which might require additional configuration changes in subsequent tasks.