It supports authentication mechanism assurance from Active Directory (AD) domain service, making it possible to restrict access to users authenticating through specific mechanisms. For more information, see Authentication mechanism assurance.
  1. Go to Authentication > Token Exchange > Token Processors.
  2. On the Instance Configuration tab, select the applicable domain from the Domain/Realm Name list.
    An AD domain or a Kerberos realm must be configured for use with the Kerberos Token Processor. If the domain you want does not appear, click Manage Active Directory Domains/Kerberos Realms to add it. For more information, see Active Directory and Kerberos.

    Kerberos tickets can be accepted from domains other than the domain configured in the token processor if there is a transient, two-way trust. This trust exists by default when domains are joined within a single server forest. For more information, see Multiple-domain support.