This section only provides instructions for configuring the fields in the Local Identity Profile (LIP) configuration tabs. For instructions on using the LIP configuration as part a greater customer identity access management solution, see the following topics:
  1. To configure a new profile, go to Authentication > Policies > Local Identity Profiles. Click Create New Profile.
  2. On the Profile Info tab, in the Local Identity Profile Name field, enter a name.
  3. From the Authentication Policy Contract list, select a contract.
    If you have not yet defined the desired contract, click Manage Policy Contracts.
  4. Select the Enable Registration check box if you want to enable users to complete a self-service registration as part of the sign-on experience through an instance of the HTML Form Adapter.
  5. Select the Enable Profile Management check box if you want to allow users to manage their accounts.
  6. When finished, click Next.