You can map one or more token processor instances into an service provider (SP) connection to satisfy multiple session-management requirements where needed. The same token processor instances can be mapped in multiple SP connections.

When token processor instances are restricted to certain virtual server IDs, the allowed IDs are displayed in the Virtual Server IDs column.

  1. In the Token Creation window, click the IdP Token Processor Mapping tab.
  2. To map a token processor instance, click Map New Token Processor Instance.
    • To edit the mapping configuration of a token process instance, open it by clicking on its name, select the setting that you want to reconfigure, and complete the change.
    • To remove a token processor instance or cancel the removal request, click Delete followed by Save or Undelete.
  3. If you are creating a new connection and you are finished with mapping configuration, click Done.
  4. If you are editing an existing configuration and want to keep your changes, click Save.