You must have an authorization detail processor plugin that can process the authorization detail type you want to support.

To configure an authorization detail processor instance:

  1. In PingFederate, go to System > OAuth Settings > Authorization Detail Processors.
  2. In the Authorization Detail Processors window, click Create New Instance.

    The Create Authorization Detail Processor Instance window opens.

  3. On the Type tab:
    1. Enter an Instance Name and unique Instance ID.
    2. Select an Authorization Detail Processor Type.
    3. Optional: If other instances exist, select one of them as a Parent Instance on which to base this new instance.
  4. On the Instance Configuration tab, configure the authorization detail processor instance.

    The tab's settings are determined by the plugin for the Authorization Detail Processor Type that you selected on the Type tab.

  5. On the Summary tab, review the settings. Click Save.

    The Summary tab shows the Class Name and Supported Authorization Details Types, which are determined by your custom plugin.

    Screen capture of the Summary tab of the Create Authorization Detail Processor Instance window