Shortcuts are available for all PingFederate roles. You can customize up to ten shortcuts.

  1. Click the Pencil icon beside Shortcuts to open the Shortcuts customization menu.
    The currently configured shortcuts are shown in the upper pane.
  2. You can perform the following tasks.
    • To remove a current shortcut, click its icon in the upper pane. When you do this, the icon is displayed underneath Recently Used. Click the icon if you want to move it back to the list of current shortcuts.
    • To rearrange the current shortcuts, click and drag them to different positions in the upper pane.
    • To view the shortcuts that are available in every navigation section of the administrative console, click Authentication, Applications, Security, and System. Click a shortcut's icon or drag it into the upper pane to add it to the list of current shortcuts.
    • To restore the default shortcut settings, click Restore Default.
  3. When you have finished customizing your shortcuts, click Save.