• Review the PingFederate release notes for enhancements, upgrade considerations, deprecated features, and other known issues and limitations.
  • Review the post-upgrade tasks.
  • Review potential changes in system and port requirements.
  • Obtain a new license key if needed.
  • Update the Java runtime environment (JRE) to version 8 or 11 on your PingFederate servers if needed.

    When you upgrade the JRE, modify the previously defined paths for the system <JAVA_HOME> and <PATH> environment variables.


    PingFederate 7.2 and earlier will not start using the currently supported Java runtime. If you need to start the previous PingFederate version on the same server after the upgrade, retain the older Java installation and change environment variables back when needed.

  • Complete any unfinished connections (Drafts) in the administrative console if you want to include them in the migration.