1. Start PingFederate.

    In a clustered PingFederate environment, start PingFederate on the console node.

  2. Start a web browser.
  3. Browse to the URL.

    https://<pf_host>:9999/pingfederate/app where <pf_host> is the network address of your PingFederate server. It can be an IP address, a host name, or a fully qualified domain name. It must be accessible from your computer.

  4. Authenticate using your directory user credentials.

    Upon successful validation, the PingFederate administrative console prompts you to authenticate using PingID if you have a registered device. If you do not have a registered device, follow the steps shown on-screen to register a device.

  5. Respond to the authentication request from PingID, and the PingFederate administrative console menu will display.

Access to the PingFederate administrative console can now only be performed by using directory user credentials, followed by a PingID authentication.