PingFederate supports PingDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory, Oracle Unified Directory, and Oracle Directory Server as source user repositories for outbound provisioning. However, you can use other types of LDAP servers, either identifying them as Generic or registering them with PingFederate. For more information, see the sample.template.txt in the <pf_install>/pingfederate/server/default/conf/template/ldap-templates directory.

Information from your user-datastore is used to supply mapped values for each user attribute required by the service provider (SP).

Screen capture illustrating the Source tab in the PingFederate administrative console.
  1. Go to Applications > Integration > SP Connections > SP Connection > Configure Channels > Channel.
  2. On the Source tab, choose the LDAP store to use for this channel.

    If the datastore you want is not shown in the list, PingFederate is not configured to access the store. To create a connection to the datastore, click Manage Data Stores.

  3. Click Next.