The following table describes these buttons.

Button Description
Save Saves changes for all tabs in the current task and returns to thewindow from which the task or tab was accessed. This button is available only when the Save operation is valid.
Done Marks all steps as complete for a current task, but does not save the configuration because further tasks or steps are necessary. To save your changes, click Save, or continue the configuration until you see a Save button. When creating a new service provider (SP) or identity provider (IdP) connection, click Save Draft.
Save Draft Saves a connection's draft configuration.
Cancel Discards all changes and returns to the window from which the current task was accessed.
Previous Returns to the previous tab.
Next Proceeds to the next tab if all required steps are complete in the current tab.

Do not use the browser's Back, Forward, or Refresh buttons. Always use the navigation buttons in the PingFederate user interface, Previous, Next, or Done.