Sample tasks and steps
Screen capture of sample tasks and steps in the PingFederate administrative console

In this example, the primary task is managing one or more IdP adapter instances (IdP Adapters). The secondary task is creating an adapter instance (Create Adapter Instance). The current tab selects the type of adapter (Type). The subsequent tabs, which the administrator has not yet reached, are grayed out.

The administrator console displays a summary window at the end of every task, which offers the opportunity to review and make changes as needed.

Some steps provide buttons that branch to secondary tasks with multiple tabs. When the secondary tasks are complete, the administrative console returns to the primary task for the administrators to continue with the configuration.


Clicking Cancel or Done discards all unsaved changes for the tabs shown in the current task and returns you to the window from which you accessed the task.

When creating a connection to a partner, the administrator might need to create a new digital signing certificate. The administrative console provides a button to begin creating a new signing certificate. When the administrator completes the task, the administrative console returns to the primary task of creating a connection to a partner.