1. Sign on to the Aquera Applications page.
  2. Click Add Application, and select the target service.
  3. Configure the application. For help, search for the the target service configuration steps in Connectors in the Aquera documentation.
  4. On the Applications page, select the application that you added.
  5. On the Configure Application window, from the Copy this URL field, note your SCIM URL.
  6. Note your application credentials.
    Credentials can be a bearer token or a username and password pair. If both types of credentials are provided, note the bearer token.
    On the application details page, the credentials can appear in the following locations:
    • Right sidebar, in the Authorization section:
      • Bearer
    • Main window, in the Credential To Access <application name> section:
      • Token
      • Username, Password
    Tip: Aquera shows tokens and passwords as dots, but you can still copy the values.