1. Sign on to Atlassian as an administrator.
  2. On the Security > SAML single sign-on page, click Add SAML configuration.
  3. On the Add SAML configuration page, complete the SAML 2.0 details. Click Save configuration.
    1. In the Identity provider Entity ID field, enter the SAML 2.0 Entity ID that you created in Enabling single sign-on in PingFederate.
    2. In the Identity provider SSO URL, enter your PingFederate SAML 2.0 endpoint based on the following.
    3. In the Public x509 certificate field, enter the contents of your PingFederate signing certificate.
      To get your certificate, see "Exporting a certificate" in Managing digital signing certificates and decryption keys in the PingFederate documentation.
  4. On the SAML single sign-on page, note the SP Entity ID and SP Assertion Consumer Service URL. You will use these in Creating a single sign-on connection.