Known issues

There are no known issues.

Known limitations

  • Attributes
    • Due to limitations in PingFederate, user attributes cannot be cleared after they are set.
  • Deprovisioning
    • When an LDAP user is deleted in a targeted group distinguished name (DN), the provisioning connector does not propagate the deletion until a new user is added to the group. This limitation is compounded when the User Create provisioning option is disabled. For solutions, see SaaS provisioner does not remove the user in the Knowledge Base.
  • Provisioning
    • Atlassian only allows users with a verified domain to be created. If a user seems to have synced successfully, but does not appear on the Managed accounts page in Atlassian, the user's domain is likely unverified.
    • Due to a limitation in Atlassian, group names cannot be updated.