Attribute Description
Name The name of the user. This attribute is required.

The email address the user uses to login. This attribute is required.

Note: This value must be in the format of an email. Box Connector version 2.2 and later enables updating a user’s login. However, the user has to have logged in previously for the update to succeed.
Language The user’s language. See Language Codes in the Box documentation.
Timezone The user’s timezone. Input format follows tz database timezones.
Space Amount The user’s total available space amount in bytes. A value of -1 grants unlimited storage.
Inactive Status Default
The user’s default inactive status. The three inactive defaults include:
  • inactive
  • cannot_delete_edit
  • cannot_delete_edit_upload
Note: When a user is disabled, the user status will be the value you have specified here. If no value, the default is inactive. Deleting the user in LDAP will always default to inactive regardless of the attribute's value or the Target screen configuration for Remove User Action.
Job Title The user’s job title.
Phone The user’s phone number.
Address The user’s address.
Role The user’s enterprise role. Valid options include:
  • coadmin
  • user
Can See Managed Users Whether the user can see other enterprise users in their contact list. Valid options include:
  • true
  • false
Is Sync Enabled Whether or not the user can use Box Sync. Valid options include:
  • true
  • false
Is Exempt from Device Limits Whether to exempt the user from Enterprise device limits. Valid options include:
  • true
  • false
Is Exempt from Login Verification Whether or not this user must use two-factor authentication. Valid options include:
  • true
  • false
Is External Collab Restricted Whether this user is allowed to collaborate with users outside her enterprise. Valid options include:
  • true
  • false
Personal Folder Name

The name to be used for the personal folder which can optionally be created along with a new user. The personal folder name format can be configured using OGNL expressions, see Sample OGNL expressions.

For more information on personal folder fields, see Configure provisioning.