1. Before stopping the PingFederate server to upgrade the Box Connector, access the Attribute Mapping screen for existing channel configurations and note the current configuration.
    Warning: The upgrade process removes existing mappings and defaults on the Attribute Mapping screen. These must be configured again before activating the channel configuration.
  2. Disable the existing SP connection where the Box Connector is configured.
  3. Delete the existing Box Connector SP connection and save.
  4. Stop the PingFederate server if it is running.
  5. Unzip the new Box Connector distribution .zip archive into a holding directory.
  6. Remove any older versions of pf-box-quickconnection-[version].jar from:
  7. From the dist directory of the new version of the connector, copy the file:


    into the directory:

  8. Start the PingFederate server.
  9. Create a new SP connection, using Box Connector as the connection template.
  10. Follow the instructions in Configure provisioning and Updating Box OAuth tokens to configure the connection.
  11. Access the Attribute Mapping screen for existing channel configurations and click Refresh Fields.
  12. Ensure all new required fields (if any), are mapped appropriately or have a default value.
  13. When you have completed the attribute configuration, click Done, Done, and Save.
  14. Activate the SP connection to resume outbound provisioning.