For general information about creating a channel, see Managing channels in the PingFederate documentation

For more information about the attributes available in your channel configuration, see Supported attributes reference.

  1. On the Manage Channels tab, click Create.
  2. On the Channel Info tab, in the Channel Name field, enter a name for the channel. Click Next.
  3. On the Source tab, from the Active Data Store list, select the data store that you created in Creating a provisioning connection. Click Next.
  4. On the Source Settings and Source Location tabs, complete the configuration based on your environment.
  5. On the Attribute Mapping tab, configure the attributes. You can use the following LDAP mappings, or adapt them for your data store type. Click Next.
    Code42 attribute Data store attribute
    userName mail
    workEmail mail
    department department
    division division
    externalId objectGUID
    familyName sn
    givenName givenName

    Populate this attribute with the Code42 ID that represents this user's manager.

    For example, Jake's manager Alice has a user ID of 123098456876789543 in Code42. In Active Directory, you set Jake's msDS-cloudExtensionAttribute10 attribute to 123098456876789543.

    Then, map this manager attribute to msDS-cloudExtensionAttribute10.

    title title
    userType employeeType
    workCity l (lowercase "L")
    workCountry c
    workState st
    workStreet streetAddress
    workPostalCode postalCode