The Concur Connectors Outbound Provisioning functionality is built using Concur’s REST API, which requires an OAuth 2.0 access token for authentication. To obtain the access token, you will need to first obtain your key and secret from Concur.

Note: Concur provides Web Services, such as provisioning, as an optional service to customers. Verify with Concur that you have Web Services available as part of your setup.
  1. Log in to your Concur account as an administrative user for your organization.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Company > Web Services.
  3. Select Register Partner Application.
  4. Create a new application or modify an existing application with the following options:
    • Enter a name for the application.
    • Enter a description for the application.
    • Ensure the Active field is set to Active.
    • In the APIs list, ensure Users- Add or Update User Accounts is selected.
    • Copy the Application Authorization’s Key and Secret value for later use in Generate OAuth access token.
    An image of the New Partner Application screen.