1. Export your service provider (SP) connection’s metadata.xml file:
    1. In the PingFederate admin console, in the SP Connection section, click Manage All SP.
    2. Click Export Metadata for your Coupa SP connection.
    3. Select the signing certificate you used in that SP connection and click Next.
    4. Click the Export button to download the metadata file.
    5. Click Done and then click Save.
  2. After you have the metadata from your SP connection, view the metadata file that you exported and record the ID value of the EntityDescriptor tag at the top of the file.

    The following example SP connection metadata file shows the EntityDescriptor ID value at the top of the file, in this case "R6HV.w-pHhv_pacAMTH7D-nFe3W".

    Screen capture of a sample SP connection metadata file with the EntityDescriptor ID value highlighted in blue.