This documentation is for Duo Security Integration Kit 3.0 and later. For earlier versions of the integration kit, see the Duo Security Integration Kit 2.2 documentation.

Upgrade considerations

The Duo Security Integration Kit 3.0 and later no longer support the Session State feature or the adapter session feature. If you were using the adapter session feature previously, you can configure authentication sessions instead.


The authentication sessions feature doesn’t have complete feature parity with the adapter session feature. For example, the authentication sessions feature doesn’t support session sharing between composite adapters. To use authentication sessions with the Duo Security Integration Kit 3.0 and later, remove any interfering composite adapters.



Duo Security IdP Adapter
  • Allows PingFederate to redirect users to Duo Universal Prompt for a multi-factor authentication (MFA) challenge during sign on.
  • Allows for MFA when single sign-on (SSO) is initiated at the identity provider (IdP) or service provider (SP).

Intended audience

This document is intended for PingFederate administrators.

If you need help during the setup process, see the following resources:

System requirements

  • PingFederate 10.3 or later
  • A Duo Universal Prompt administrator account