The Egnyte Connector's outbound provisioning functionality is built using Egnyte’s REST API, which requires an authorized OAuth 2.0 access token. To generate your access token in Obtain access token, you will first need to obtain an API key.

To obtain an API key, you will need to have a registered account on Egnyte’s developer site. The developer site will be used to create an application which will contain the API key. The following steps will be used to create your application and obtain the API key:

  1. Log in to Egnyte’s developer site with an administrative developer account.
  2. Go to My Account > Applications > Create a New Application.
  3. Complete the form to register your new application with the following options:
    • Enter a name for the application.
    • Set the Type to Internal Application (own company use only).
    • Set the Current User Base to New App.
    • Set the Platform to Other.
    • Set the Egnyte domain you will use for testing to your Egnyte subdomain. This is the subdomain portion of the URL used to access your organization’s Egnyte. For example, if the URL used to access Egnyte is then the subdomain is myCompany.
    • Ensure the Issue a new key for Egnyte REST API check box is selected.
    • Select the check box, indicating that you have read and agree to the Egnyte API Terms of Service and click the Register Application button.
  4. Once your application is registered, note the Key for later use in Obtain access token.
    An image of the registered application.
    Note: After creating your application, Egnyte must approve it before you can use the API key to generate your access token in Obtain access token. For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions.