1. Sign on to the Facebook developer apps page.
  2. Create the app.
    1. Click Create App.
    2. On the Select an app type modal, in the Which products, permissions and features does your app need? section, select Consumer.
    3. Configure the basic app details. Click Create App.
    4. Confirm your password. Click Submit.
  3. On the Add a Product page, for Facebook Login, click Set Up.
  4. Click Web.
  5. On the Web tab, in the Tell Us about Your Website section, in the Site URL field, enter your PingFederate Facebook authentication URL based on the following. Click Save. Click Continue.
  6. Disregard the remaining sections on this page, your settings are saved automatically.
  7. Go to Products > Facebook Login > Settings.
    A screenshot that shows the navigation path for the Facebook Login settings.
  8. In the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs field, enter the same PingFederate URL.
    A screenshot that shows the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs field.
  9. Click Save Changes.
  10. Go to Settings > Basic. Note your App ID and App Secret.
    A screenshot that shows the navigation path for the basic app settings.

    You will use these in Configuring an adapter instance.

  11. Optional: Go to Settings > Advanced. In the Security section, turn on Require App Secret. Click Save Changes.