• Due to a limitation with PingFederate 8.1 and earlier versions, when configuring two SP connections with the same provisioner, the second connection built may be pre-populated with the channel from the first connection. To avoid conflicts, delete this pre-populated channel and create a unique channel for each connection.
  • When an LDAP user is deleted in a targeted group distinguished name (DN), the provisioning connector does not propagate the deletion until a new user is added to the group. This limitation is compounded when the User Create provisioning option is disabled. For solutions, see SaaS provisioner does not remove the user in the Knowledge Base.
  • Due to PingFederate limitations, user attributes cannot be cleared once set.
  • Enabling a previously deleted user in GitHub will trigger a create and as such, users can be enabled when User Update is set to false.
  • When a user is deleted from GitHub they are removed from the organization. The user will still have a GitHub account but no access to the organization's resources.

Performance limitations

  • Due to GitHub API limitations, provisioning with multiple threads or making more than 5000 requests per hour may trigger GitHub’s abuse detection mechanism, rate limiting, or both. This will prevent requests from being completed. For more information, see Rate limiting in the GitHub documentation.