1. On the PingFederate administrative console, create an SP adapter instance to integrate with your web application.
    For an overview of SP adapters, see Managing SP adapters in the PingFederate documentation. For most use cases, we recommend the Reference ID Adapter included in the Agentless Integration Kit.
  2. Map the attributes from your Google IdP Adapter instance to the SP adapter instance by creating an adapter-to-adapter mapping.
    For instructions, see Adapter-to-adapter mappings in the PingFederate documentation.
  3. In your web application, add sign-on hyperlink based on the following URL:
    pf_host The host name or IP address of the PingFederate server.
    pf_port The port number of the PingFederate server.
    IdpAdapterId The instance ID of the IdP adapter instance.
    SpAdapterId The instance ID of the SP adapter instance.