In order to setup your Google Apps account for SSO you will need to do the following.


This section requires the exported certificate used to sign the SAML assertion configured in step 5 of Creating a connection.

  1. Navigate to<domain_name>/ and sign in with your Administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate to Security to view the Set up single sign-on (SSO) section.
  3. Select Setup SSO with third party identity provider.
  4. Enter the PingFederate SSO SAML endpoint into the Sign-in page URL field.
  5. (optional) Enter the PingFederate SLO SAML endpoint into the Sign-out page URL field.
  6. (optional) Enter the Password Manager URL into the Change password URL field.
  7. Upload the signing certificate exported from PingFederate into the Verification certificate field.
  8. Select Use a domain specific issuer if applicable.
  9. Click Save to complete Google Apps SSO Setup.
    Note: For more information on Google Apps SSO setup, see Set up single sign-on for managed Google Accounts using third-party Identity providers in the Google Workspace Admin Help.