Although the OpenToken Adapter is included in PingFederate and the Internet Information Services (IIS) Integration Kit, the latest version of the OpenToken Adapter is distributed separately as part of the Java Integration Kit. Follow these steps to make sure you have the latest version available.
  1. Download the Java Integration Kit .zip archive from the Add-ons tab of the PingFederate downloads page.
  2. Stop PingFederate.
  3. If you are upgrading an existing deployment, delete the following files from <pf_install>/pingfederate/server/default/deploy:
    • opentoken-adapter-<version>.jar
    • opentoken-java-<version>.jar
  4. From the .zip archive, copy dist/opentoken-adapter-<version>.jar to <pf_install>/pingfederate/server/default/deploy.
  5. Start PingFederate.
  6. If you operate PingFederate in a cluster, repeat steps 2-5 for each engine node.