1. On a testing device, install the Intune Company Portal app. Follow the prompts to set up the device.
  2. On the Intune > Devices > All devices page, select your test device. Click Sync.
  3. Wait 3-5 minutes for the device to communicate with Microsoft Intune and for Microsoft Intune to communicate with the NDES server. You might need to follow prompts on the device to complete the process.
  4. On the Intune > Device configuration > Assignment status page check the profiles that you created to see if the device registration succeeded.
  5. Test your configuration by doing the following:
    1. In a browser on your test device, go to the PingFederate login URL for your adapter, such as https://pf_host:pf_port/idp/startSSO.ping?PartnerSpId=YourConnectionID.
    2. If you are prompted to select a certificate from the device's certificate store, select the certificate that is issued from your CA that shows either your device ID or username (depending on your configuration from Creating certificate profiles in Intune). After confirming your certificate selection, you should be redirected to your SP application.